+ How did you first get into Hedgehogs?

+ What made you start breeding? Where did you get your first Hedgehog from?

+ Why do you think people are attracted to Hedgehog? Why are Hedgehogs good pets to have?

+ What type of people are they suitable for?

+ Are they suitable for people with children?

+ How are their sleeping patterns? Are they nocturnal?

+ What food do they eat?

+ How long do they live for?

+ What are common health problems with them?

+ Are they legal in all of South Africa?

+ Have you shipped your animals before?

+ What process do potential hedge owners go through to get a hedgehog from you? Do you screen your potential Hedgehog owners before you allow them to buy them?

+ How much do Hedgehogs go for?

+ You take beautiful photos of your Hedgehogs. Is it hard to get them to "pose" for you?

+ Where can one purchase Hedgehog accessories? (things for them to play with)

+ What are some common mistakes that first time owners tend to make?

+ How are vets towards hedgehogs?

+ Caring for Your Pet Hedgehog Once You Get It Home

+ Out of all your hedgehogs which is your favourite?

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